A double album is sometimes a hard sell in the fast-moving world of music consumption. Miss Kittin's third solo album is well worth the effort if you have the time: Calling From the Stars is an ambitious and accomplished record - sure, it stretches to 105 minutes, but it's time well spent. If you're yet to acquaint yourself with the record, the What to Wear EP is an ideal starting point. It's split into two album tracks and two remixes. giving you as much of an idea of Caroline Hervé's sound as it does the talents of the people who've remixed her work.

A 23-track opus clearly isn't all that concerned by accessibility, but Hervé's single choices have been inspired, and this EP's lead track is no exception. Over a pulsing synth soundscape and an infectious beat, a song which may initially only seem bothered by shallow concerns - it is called 'What to Wear', after all, reveals itself as a much deeper meditation on the meaning of identity, the singer conveying her message through both English and her native French. The refrain of, "Who are you? Show me your face" serves as the song's main hook, and should prove effective at reeling the listener in. If you need a reference point, think of Goldfrapp's more upbeat material and you're halfway there. Along with a suitably epic rework by Chloé of album highlight 'See You', 'What to Wear' gets the remix treatment courtesy of Martin Landsky, who throws a strong percussive element into the mix, striking a fine balance between atmospheric and flat-out banging.

The EP winds down with a track that also closes the album: 'Bloomy Sunday' layers on futuristic synth washes and a delightfully sparse melody, helping the EP to close on a sombre note. The five-minute track is a more exploratory affair than what else is on offer here, and while it may seem a little incongruous in the context of the EP, it's still an impressive way to finish things off. The 4-track release works well on its own, but there's 21 more tracks where these came from. Its relative brevity can be excused; two very good remixes, two very good songs - it's certainly a nice package.

If the What to Wear EP leaves you wanting more, that's exactly the point.