Label: This Is Not Revolution Rock Release date: 06/09/10 Link: Myspace are fun, bags of fun. The key ingredient (in my mind) of a band being fun is it sounding like the members really enjoyed creating their music. The subject matter of Man The Fuck Up or Get It Pumped isn't fun, it's basically a cornucopia of relationship woes and general angst. But that's the worst part of the EP really, I've never loved mopey miserable lyrics for their own sake, and the lyrical work on MTFU or GIP is nothing special or worth paying attention to. It's there if you want something else high paced indie rock, but it's not particularity important. Anyway, I digress, Mistakes are fun because they seem to be doing what they want, there's not real element of pretence here. They have short samples at the beginning of most songs (Holy Bible style) because they want them, they have a short clapping interlude in 'Bite It' because they want to god-dammit. Mistakes despite their slight emo tendencies seem to be a wide eyed band who just want to make loud crashing music, that's fun to jump around to, and will blitz through you in a indie rock sort of way. And in a large part they do, existing in the happy medium between Dananananakyrod and Johnny Foreigner, Mistakes are nothing new. Boy/Girl vocals, poppy loud guitars. Loud, often aggressive music that isn't afraid to show it's pop sensibilities. MTFU or GIP has it's tender quiet moments, it's has quiet reflection but looking back at it all I remember is Scarlett Phillips fantastic rich vocals, cascading over the catching backing guitar breaking the power of Del Nobel screaming into the mic. Mistakes are nothing new, we've heard it all before, but what they take so noticeably from other major indie bands of their kind they've polished to a high sheen. They've written remarkably catchy choruses, they've got great voices, they make a huge powerful sound when they're getting going, sometimes good guitar music blurts out into your face and your forget what's wrong with it. are that band for me. They might have slightly annoyingly angsty lyrics, and they're record doesn't perfectly capture the live sound I discovered, but it doesn't matter as they are just a lot of fun, and their record sounds great played loud. It's not perfect, but it's their first attempt on what is just an EP, so I'm willing to cut them some slack. Photobucket