Label: Electra French Records Release date: 11/10/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon Nothing rings the alarm bells quite like a band description referencing some of the most forward thinking acts of the last decade. It's what writers fear the most when a press release is received. Well that and the dreaded Play MPE of course. What struck me straight away straight away with Mitchell Museum though was their ability to combine their influences seamlessly whilst still managing to leave room for their own touches to be felt. I'm not going to suggest that 'Tiger Heartbeat' is up quite yet with the likes of Animal Collective or The Flaming Lips but that's not to say that they won't, or that this song isn't worthy of your time, because it really is. Writing a pop song in the same vein as what Wayne Coyne and his merry men is not an easy task to accomplish but they've managed it very well and it's material like this which makes me excited about their future. Photobucket