MMOTHS is the sound of a very late night running seamlessly into a very early morning, of dreamlike ping pong balls ricocheting of a wall in slow motion, and of a big smile stealing unforeseen across your face. It’s also the moniker of 18 year-old boy wonder Jack Colleran, a tireless bedroom producer hailing from Ireland in the main, and I’m describing his debut 5 track, kind of self-titled EP MMOTHS.

Originally planned as an instrumental/electronic project, MMOTHS (formerly known as moths) has drafted in, with impeccable discernment, Sarah P of Keep Shelly In Athens fame as well as LA’s Superhumanoids for two of the tracks, which wonderfully inject some real human warmth into the more wordless echoes and human-esque instrumentals. Happily, the latter stand up on their own merits, being a heady mix of swirling synths and gentle, cascading percussion, peppered with melody and experiments of timbre and texture.

Indeed, the aforementioned Keep Shelly In Athens track does have to be the standout, showcasing both Mmoth’s restraint and ability to drift you away on a current of staccato synth and lilting vocals. It’s a tender melody too, not overcooked but stripped bare and despite being smothered liberally in reverb, affecting and heartfelt. It’s a gorgeous track and if anything, even at 4:52, almost feels too short.

EP closer ‘Breaking Through’ is a more contemplative affair with hints of melancholy, the chimes and soft but crashing percussion lending a borderline unsettling air to the track, but nevertheless pleasant proof that Colleran isn’t afraid to search out slightly darker waters in the interests of mixing up the musical landscape of this EP, or of asking soft but searching questions of his listeners.

All told, it’s a beguiling EP that you could just as easily sit down in a darkened room with as have bubbling away in the background whilst you work; a surprisingly mature and well-rounded debut EP that has me calmly, but powerfully curious to hear more.