Written by a couple of Lisburn boys, polished by members of the band's line-up who've come or gone and mixed in Sweden, Hours of a Travelling Circus is a grabber and keeper. It's been six years in the making – and it is worth every one of them.

Singer song-writer Mike Mormecha's voice suits the music's unstable, erratic post hardcore bile of rock to the ground. The lyrics may be questionable but sometimes a bit of gibberish is what one needs when the tune is so damn good. Guitar effects are employed in abundance; flange... delay, octave pedals... mishmashed with time signatures that don't match, veering in opposite directions to the one initially thought by the listener. It has to be heard on headphones. There has been three EPs after all to prepare.

First track 'The Mann' builds into a spectacular assault of monstrous magnitude. Accidentally evoking The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost – “Saw a man at a cross roads, at a cross roads, a road he should have taken many times” – it's a call and response between two singers about something elusive. – Nirvana never had to explain themselves.

'Bones' follows up. Even more melodic and catchy, with an ending you'll be chasing to catch up with as the speed increases. 'Colour Of The Bear' is the current single and although there are no bad tracks, this one really stands out. The chorus won't leave your head for days. 'Deep Fish Tank' brings home the realisation that we could be on to a record that's special - it's hard not to smile during the song.

'We Should Just Run Away' is the best track and will make a great single. It's got that soundtrack to a film feel about it. You can see the protagonist driving and going as far from their problem as possible along a highway or the M6. A definite future single. 'What A Secret' is just another great piece of music as is the acoustic ending final number.

Although lyrically sloppy, if the listener can let go of lines like “What is that about? Washing your hands before you cook? Same as crossing the road and having a look,” – preposterous – then they should be surprised by what is round the corner. Indeed 'Lemon Marine' is crud, until it hits with an unbelievable breakdown half-way through. It's just phenomenal.

This record is for fans of Bat For Lashes, Queens Of The Stone Age, Refused and Pulled Apart By Horses. There's some flavour of Infernal Love era Therapy? and The Mars Volta. The National by Radiohead is in there as well - I'm think those horns and atmospheric building on Pill Pigeon Is An Orange Wheel – the sixth song. As there are 10 tracks this Debut is cooked just right. The Cover's interesting in itself as well – see opposite.

Thank you very much Mojo Fury. It has taken a while and we have had this before. It's great though.