Label: Sotones Release date: 07/06/10 Link: Myspace I feel the same sort of admiration for Moneytree as I did for Arcade Fire, and others who jeopardize their finances with avant-garde song structure. Being tagged as "experimental" can be the kiss of death for many acts who simply refuse to contort themselves into a genre, or stifle their own musical evolution. 'Wake Up Pay Your Overheads' is Moneytree's latest single since the release of 2009's The Great Indoors Part II; the second in a planned trilogy of records. Brothers, and co-creative principals, Campbell and Oliver Austin take pride in their seismic shifts in style, and 'Wake Up Pay Your Overheads' is a nice introduction in what to expect from these guys. One constant is the cutting, throaty vocal performance by Campbell Austin that had me thinking about Hayden Thorpe of Wild Beasts. His unique voice remains prominent despite volatile instrumentals, and fills the void quite well during a capella moments. According to an excellent interview by the 405, part three of their trilogy of LP's will arrive later this year. Photobucket