Label: Ciao Ketchup Recordings Release Date: 15/02/10 Website: Myspace Well, what can I say? There are some guitars, drums and a girl singing something that passes for lyrics. Oh and there’s a boy too, wonder of wonders. Now in fairness to them they appear to be able to play their instruments at least. But there is nothing that raises this up from the thousands, no probably millions, of other bands floating around in the musical sea. I mean quiet bit, loud bit, quiet bit, loud bit, shout “yeah yeah!”, to say formulaic is generous. I suppose, if one were in a club, a bit drunk and it was played loud you could dance along to it. And if you listen to it enough you will certainly have the chorus in your head. The question is do you want to walk around all day singing “How you gonna feel about this? Yeah yeah!” Ask yourself this and if the answer is yeah yeah then maybe you should take a trip to the record shop. Just remember that once you get in there you’ll be faced with a host of other competing records. And most of them will be better. Unless you’re buying your music from ASDA. Photobucket Opinions? Sound off in our Fourum!