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It's about time Moon Duo released a live record, isn't it?

The original idea for the EP came when, shortly before heading to Europe for their 2013 summer tour, Yamada and Johnson decided to shake things up a bit by adding a drummer, John Jeffrey, to their live act. Excited about the sudden change of dynamics, the band asked engineer Mattia Coletti to document the Italian leg of their tour, and the result was this six-track (seven for the digital edition) gem that comes as the gift of summers passed.

Featuring energy-fuelled hits from their three albums (Circles, Mazes, and Escape), Live in Ravenna perfectly illustrates the mind-blowing, intensive performances of the band while actually transporting us to the front row of any Moon Duo gig. Ritualistic tracks such as 'Motorcycle, I Love You' and 'Free Action' immediately have us under a bizarre spell only achievable (we thought) by direct contact with the full live experience.

But Live in Ravenna is more than just a simple live release; it's a powerful documentation of what was a change of paradigm for Moon Duo after adding a drummer to their act. With the group's dynamics extended to include an extra member, the approach to these tunes makes them surface as more than a recreation - their music emerges as an organic beast fed by triangulation and rebirth.

Yamada later explained they chose Ravenna for the recording of the live EP for it having been "memorable for a number of reasons... the most prominent being the really very intense heat, and the setting -- Hanabi has an outdoor stage on the beach, the Adriatic Sea only meters away." The idyllic scenario, when combined with the Mediterranean heat wave and Moon Duo's hypnotic performance, influences both the audience and the band, sending them into a collective trance similar to the Native Americans' rituals, where hallucinogens are optional and only increase the near-religious experience.

Live in Ravenna is the result of a perfect, symbiotic relationship between Moon Duo and their audience. It captures the visual qualities of their music and transports them through space and time, making every listener believe he/she has actually been caught in the middle of an Adriatic Sea heat wave.

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