Label: Southern Records Link: Hot damn! Southern Records have released some amazing albums this year and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say 'VII Acts Of An Iron King' is one their best yet. Moon & Moon are an avant-garde boorklyn based band who decided to create a seven track album based around a fictional King who's at a war with himself. Each track, or act in this case, is seen through the eyes of a different character, the result is an album that takes you through all sorts of emotions. Many concept albums, or 'rock-operas' as theyre often described, tend to be either a) ridiculously pretentious b) stupid or c) stupidely hard to follow, but thats just not the case here. The emotions and narrative really pull you in and make you feel apart of the story itself and in that respect listening to this album is akin to watching a really good film film with strong characters, plot lines and dialogue. Like many albums of this nature it feels unfair to single out the bad songs, or even the good songs, because they all serve a purpose in the overall story but with that said I'm not going to lie to you and say it's perfect. A couple of the songs do lack a certain something and at times it can get a bit repetitive but on the whole it's an album I would recommend. It's also worth noting the input by Bat for Lashes and Devendra Banhart and a couple of the songs. Rating: 7.7/10