Label: Modern Language Recordings Release date: 15/11/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon I've always had a bit of a thing for Shoegaze in its various forms. Something about the lush dreamy landscapes mean that it always seems to sound pretty good even when it's doing nothing interesting. I suppose there's good shoegaze and somewhat less inspired efforts, but it always seems to hit some bare minimum level of quality simply due to the fact it has lots of effects. I suppose this leads to bands becoming somewhat samey, as there are only so many interesting things you can do with a guitar before the whole genre stagnates in a indistinguishable pool of feedback. This has led to a number of bands beginning to fuse shoegaze elements into different genres, Deerhunter and Garage-Rock or Mew and Progressive-Rock for example. Manchester duo Motorifik have taken this line of thought, and have decided to throw together fifty different genres into the Shoegaze pool. Well, maybe that wouldn't quite work, but they make a damn good try at coagulating a huge variety of influences, and gazing them up a bit. Secret Things is derivative of everything and anything, and while this doesn't manifest itself in a schizophrenic mess (the album roughly has a consistent sound), it sounds a bit like a musical scrap book. Not every album makes it's own distinctive stamp on ascene, but Secret Things seems to actively try not to. It takes pride in its retro feel, and yes, it sounds pretty good. Each song sounding a bit like a forgotten 80s or 90s hit, Secret Things definitely sounds good. What it lacks though is any sort of real moments of class. Let me rephrase my previous statement, it sounds like a forgotten hit with all the bits that would have made it a hit, removed. That sounds harsher than it should be; Motorifik are a good band, and I've enjoyed my time with their album, they just seem like a band imitating others, which isn't the best starting point. Lots of music sounds familiar to a particular time, or genre, after all nothing is entirely new, nothing can entirely break out of the mould. The problem with Motorifik is that they haven't really made any attempt to create their own mould. Secret Things sounds like a cover album without any actual covers on it. But regardless of this, they are still good songs, and I'd tentatively recommend a listen. Photobucket