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Mr Oizo's new LP The Church couldn't be less suited for the 8:15 from Paddington to Cardiff; listening to some of the most irritating cycles of electronica whilst watching the English countryside disintegrate into a green mess, didn't stimulate the serenity of deep thought, but made me want to whip my iPod across the carriage. (metaphorically speaking).

This is the fifth offering from legendary French producer, Quentin Dupieux (Mr Oizo), who is probably best known for his cheeky puppet creation 'Flat Eric' and hypnotic fuzzy house track 'Flat Beat'; both of which became popular in 1999 off the back of a series of Levi's adverts.

To be fair 'Bear Biscuit' starts the record off promisingly; fading-up into an interesting use of vocal phrasing, carried by flittering synths and the rumble of bass and trap-esque snares; but then it just gets annoying.

'Dry Run' feat Bart B More is an awful mash of skipping electro built around the bothersome phrase "scream for daddy"; 'Mass Doom' has the sound dexterity of a Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog video game; 'Machyne' sounds like your mate tried to remix the standard ring tone on his house phone and BT disconnected him.

However there are a few songs on the LP that could warrant your attention like 'Destop' with its laboured piano strokes gorgeously placed over a steady 2-step drum beat or the diamond in the rough 'iSoap' which has an injection of funky rhythm guitar and lead disco riff that even Nile Rogers would saviour.

Lastly the title track 'The Church' led by an eerie church organ playing underneath a deep bruising voice which tells a weird little story, is going to be one of those annoyingly popular 'club' tracks, where the chorus statement "we go to the church" will be chanted in the same benignly uniform way every fucker sang "our lovely city", on Fedde Le Grand's 'Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit'.

According to the press notes, the album is supposed to "offer listeners an exhilarating aural excursion"; at a push I'd say it's 'alright' based on the strength of three tracks, but I'd take watching that yellow puppet, surrounded by art deco furniture, nod his head to 'Flat Beat' any day.

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