Photo by Michael Gallacher Sometimes in life you get to see something that defines a generation, that brings on a new age of music and popular culture. In the late 80's and early 90's the music everyone was calling “Grunge”, which popularised plaid shirts, being a little bit different and of course jumping into each other. Tonight I got the originators, tonight I got the band that set the bar for alternative music, tonight I got Mudhoney! There's great excitement in the venue for these legendary rockers who played the same venue 15 years ago I was told by an excited member of the crowd who spoke of seeing the band in their prime and couldn't wait to be reunited with a feeling of youth in revolt that he had experienced the first time round, all the way back in 1995. Being that I was 8 then I never caught them back in their “prime” but I guess old habits die hard. The kicked things off as they intended to go on with punk energy and big rock riffery with classic track ‘In The Drink’ and the crowd reacted as expected to their idols by throwing themselves around like they were back in the early 90's and the band did the same in particular original members guitarist Steve Turner and singer/guitarist Mark Arm who are elevated by the energy of the crowd with classic tracks like ‘Touch Me I'm Sick’ which turn this older crowd into a blur of plaid and hair. The band end the first time around with Mark Arm launching himself at the crowd with tracks like ‘I'm Now’ and ‘Tales Of Terror’ showing that he can still throw himself around the stage, off the stage, into the crowd and pretty much where ever the hell he wants to go. After already a 20 strong set of classics and new tracks the crowd were not about to disappoint are cheers from the packed Glasgow venue with leading track from their 1988 release ‘Superfuzz Bigmuff’ ‘Mudride‘. The band knock out 5 more songs closing on the Black Flag cover Fix Me with one last explosion of raw energy before ending their night and ending their UK tour. As the lights go on and people make their way towards the merch stand or the door I cant but feel I've witnessed something that I wont be forgetting any time soon and I think the feeling is mutual amongst the crowd.