“I’ll be rich as shit/And I’ll just sit and grin/The money will roll right in” Mudhoney open with their cover of the Fang classic. But, of course, the money never did roll in for them. Alumni of the class of Seattle, had they played the game like so many of their peers they really could have been “rich as shit.” Equally, had they split up back in the 90s and let their legend grow before reforming, they would surely now be reaping the rewards of lucrative sell out tours and festival appearances that many of their contemporaries such as Pixies, Dinosaur Jr and My Bloody Valentine have been enjoying. Instead, Mudhoney have ploughed along their resolutely non-commercial path, taking day jobs to pay the bills while continuing to release an album every few years and touring whenever they can. Tonight’s show, their only UK appearance and one of only two European shows this year, is far from sold out (mercifully given the oppressive heat inside the venue) but what the crowd lacks in size they make for with enthusiasm. We are here to enjoy ourselves and Mudhoney are not about to disappoint us. Next up, ‘I’m Now’ and ‘The Lucky Ones’, the opening and title tracks from their new album, are greeted rapturously as if they were old favourites. The moshpit is heaving and the security guards are already berating one fan for crowd surfing three times in as many minutes. But it is when rake-thin, nasally-challenged singer Mark Arm (looking like the bastard son of Iggy Pop and Barbara Streisand) straps on his guitar and heavily-bearded guitarist Steve Turner breaks into the opening riff from ‘You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face)’ that the evening really takes off. From hereon it is a breathless rush through a setlist packed with their early classics that would grace the main stage of any festival (Storåsfestivalen in Norway are in for a treat!) Other bands would hold back songs such as grunge anthem ‘Touch Me I’m Sick’ and fan-favourite ‘In ‘N’ Out Of Grace’ for the encore. Mudhoney throw them out in the midst of a set crammed with highlights. By the time they have powered through ‘No One Has’, ‘Sweet Young Thing (Ain’t Sweet No More)’, ‘Get Into Yours’, ‘Suck You Dry’ and The Dicks’ ‘Hate The Police’ the air is thick with sweat and everyone, including the band, is grinning from ear to ear. A brief encore concludes with Black Flag’s ‘Fix Me’ and we emerge into the night, hot and unbothered, and consider ourselves – the select few to have witnessed this show – the true lucky ones.