Label: Fear and Records Release date: 18/01/10 Website: http:// Hailing from Bristol, Munch Munch’s ‘Cyclorama/Of The Body’ starts with a blast of Friendly Fires-like samba electro. The warped vocals then take over sounding somewhere between Julian Casablancas nasal tones and Matt Bellamy’s hysteric falsetto. The cheap-sounding Casio piano solo halfway through may not quite fit but you get the idea that was part of MM’s plan. Crafting the heaviness of Bellamy’s band with a more fun dancey vibe, throwing in a healthy dose of genuine pop genius for good measure. Minimalist but also quite mental, the track veers from genre to genre effortlessly. At times creepy, and others childlish, yet always bursting with another eccentric idea. It’s party music for the macabre. The four-piece’s distinctive drums power the track along with rambling and sprawling sounds that will ingrain themselves deep in your brain. ‘Of The Body’ is quirky, hyper and maddening but oh-so-addictive. Rating 8/10 What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!