Label: Upset The Rhythm Release date: 29/11/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon Ambitious, experimental, electro pop nonsense seems to be coming from Bristol based quartet Munch Munch as they release their interesting debut album Double Visions on London based label Upset the Rhythm. Labelling their sound is near impossible; obvious comparisons to Passion Pit or Friendly Fires are really not enough and recent over exaggerated comparisons to Deerhoof do not do the band justice, as their bizarre originality is really quite distinctive and a relief from drab conformity. Originally beginning as nothing more than two guys and a laptop, Munch Munch have quickly developed into an act known for their explosive and somewhat unpredictable live shows. After developing from music they described as ’bedroomy’, their debut attempt has a clearly professional yet organic sound, but the sense of DIY is gladly not totally forgotten. The record is a chaos ridden stroke of genius from beginning to end; the mainly organ led tracks, a clear avoidance of guitars throughout, and a particularly noticeable use of live drumming really add something to the structure and the uniqueness of the record. By taking basic song making skills and turning them on their head, Munch Munch create music of total lunacy. Lyrically, the album engages with such angsty topics as youth, young love, life and then a bizarre selection of totally random episodes; there comes a point where you have to stop and ask if they’re joking. Yet, as you delve further into the album, particularly up to their successful single release of ‘Wedding’ the randomness seems to gain a certain charm. ‘Its Nothing’, the album’s short introductory track, creates the haunting, dreamy sound that characterises the record and introduces the listener into the bizarre world of the band. With random drops and a deceptively messy structure, particularly effective in ‘Bold Man of the Sea’; one thing you can’t say about this band is that they are boring. The track ‘Autumn Mask’ with a signature xylophone intro, is a mix of despondent, wistful computer game-like confusion, with absent minded lyrics such as “all the promises lost in the moonlight” evoking the melancholic sentiment which seems to permeate the record. The last track ‘River Gleam’ would be the easiest track to define as it is a pretty similar sound to other artists we would describe as Indie- electro. Danceable and great to listen to, with lyrics such as “does anything I know mean that much to me”, this is debatably the best track on the Album. While some might argue that Double Visions lacks in variety and diversity, a proper listen demonstrates the band’s real range of talents, sounds and total madness. Nothing about this album makes sense with the over the top organ synth, the assorted drumming styles and the warbling mix of voices, yet for some bizarre reason they have managed to pull it off. Munch Munch have created a superbly original record with a uniquely danceable sound. Double Visions is whimsical, hyperbolic and totally over the top, and these are what make it a brilliantly unique debut effort. Photobucket