Artist: My Auntie Sam Live: Liverpool O2 Academy, 28.02.09 Link: Myspace here Listening through Myspace friends requests that are 99% terrible, I hate it!  But when it turns out to be joyful indie-pop-pogo-rock I love it! Introductions first, My Auntie Sam are 4 young lads scousers who are currently unsigned.  Sound wise, I know I shouldn’t really pigeon hole, but they sound a bit like the…err Pigeon Detectives. More hard cold facts include:
  • Myspace account set up Jan 2007
  • 7000+ Myspazz friends
  • One release so far, the debut EP ‘Adventures of…’ is now sold out
  • In the band members section of their Myspace they recorded short question/answer interviews of each of the band members (loads more facts there)
  • You can download 3 of their songs for free on their Myspace
  • They are VERY popular in their native Liverpool
Right, well this is a live review so less ramble and more about the gig.  First off it was sold out and it’s not exactly a small venue so a good sign so far (told you they were popular).  It was the best type of gig too, you know the ones, where you get squashed and thrown around for every minute of the whole gig, you don’t drink your pint you wear it, you sing every word of every song back to the band while ‘throwing finger’ down the front, you eat elbows of everyone around you constantly - but don’t care and you loose half a stone in sweat. ‘THIS SCARLET LETTER WONT FADE THIS SCARLET LETTER WONT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH’ and it begins.  First song Scarlet Letter tests the floorboards and the place goes berserk.  To anyone who has ever been to an Arctic Monkeys, Pigeon Detectives or Courteeners gig you will get the picture.  DIY follows next and once again we all go nuts sing all the words and it’s as if the credit crunch never happened, this is ace. Mid gig the lads produce their friend Patrick, who is a donkey piñata, singer Greg declares that by the time the song is finished they don’t want to recognise their friend. After he is unmercilessly tossed into the crowd the band rips into a brief 100mph rendition of a Fatboy Slim effort ‘check it out now funk soul brother’ you know the one.  The crowd meanwhile rip into Patrick, until at the songs end Greg holds aloft the head of the poor ass, like some kind of scouse Genghis Khan saluting his troops after battle with the severed head of the enemy (ok so you had to be there). Other local classics zing by with no chance for respite, this band don’t do ballads they do chirpy anthems for the kids (and it was literally full of kids being an all ages show, I felt like a right old geezer).  Recently played on Radio One track TED was a set highlight as was finale closer Tell me something new, but to be honest every tune was a real winner.  As we peeled ourselves off the battered dancefloor dripping in sweat - mostly someone elses, it was clear that while there will be an element of ‘Heard it all before’ type snobbery from the indierthanthou types, we have in fact seen a very talented and very exciting band make a few hundred kids go mental, with ease.  So on that basis although they’re not the next U2 they may still be the next big things in Indie-ville.  If the Wombats can ‘make it’ then these boys sure as hell can.  Sorry about the less than inspiring photo by the way but I was so wrecked just being able to operate a camera was an achievement in itself.  A reason to be excited about Liverpool again then, its been a while.  RIP Patrick.