Label Unsigned Release date: Winter 2009 Website In his second EP, Myles Turney takes another tour fuelled with by his earnest chord progression and some interesting choices of finger picking that although might not be fast like any given virtuoso, they carry the banner of blues with a proud, bottle-neck like feeling that permeates. A Weapon For Every Wound is a short and sweet five song EP, mixing some sunshiney folk (album opener 'Leave the thinkin' up to me') with some lonely introspection that somehow still manages to have a small glint of hope (that little whistling in the stark 'Ballad of the Bourgeoisie' is sheer brilliance). 'Too thin lady blues' might sound like a veritable checklist of “how to make a blues song”, and although it could be argued that there's nothing new being written, there is quite a lot of soul, the very essence of blues. 'Last rites' is an eerie song, reminiscent of Elliot Smith on his first days (a bit of goosebumps every time Myles takes a breath of air before delivering another sad line). His minimalistic, on-the-go approach worked so well on his first EP (the magnificent Ordinary Suffering) and as the formula worked so well, it's reused here. However, form does not dictate execution and it works for his particular bluesy take on folk. The raw, guttural DIY mentality, both on the technical side (recorded on a Tascam TSR-8, old school, baby!) and on the artistic side (it's not a reinvention of blues, but it's quite good blues) serve up a very solid EP that delivers the same quality that Myles Turney is showing he has up his blues-infused sleeve. Rating:9/10