There's a lot of space for soul music at the moment. Whether it's artists taking it in new directions, or performers eager to recapture a golden age, listeners' ears are open to music that's touching and heart wrenching in equal measures, delivered with sincerity and showcasing dazzling vocals.

If Pablo Nouvelle's recently released self-titled debut was a look to the future, then Myron & E's Broadway is a wistful glance cast at what it used to be. Everything, from the album artwork to the lyrical content is dripping in nostalgia.

Opening track 'Turn Back' features a slowly rocking warning against making irremediable mistakes that could belong to any number of 60s crooners, while the title track picks up the pace a little with an innocent tale of an initial romantic encounter.

First single 'If I Gave You My Love' is an album standout, imbued with an updated stylishness that's wholly 21st century - the interaction of high and low voices creating a wonderful sway. It's a pessimistic song about being reluctant to trust, but also has an air of empowerment about it, of having the confidence to do what's best in the way that countless classic soul cuts often do.

The 'ba-bada-ba-ba-badada' of 'Everyday Love' is almost barbershop-like, and sees the record's nostalgic edge reach its pinnacle, while the opening beat of 'I Can't Let You Get Away' has the feel of a hazy New Orleans jazz track before it tumbles into a downtempo shuffle. It's not until the nifty skip of 'Cold Game' that the album gathers momentum again, with Myron and E's vocals working in unison to give the track a certain boisterousness, while the perky string stabs punctuate the hasty drum beat.

There's something incredibly innocent about Broadway, almost to the point of it coming across slightly naive. The topics dealt with are narrow in range and dated in content: meeting a girl, being reluctant to risk heartbreak, the hard facts of love. While many of us happily spin the 45s we picked up for a fiver at a car boot sale, it's a very different experience hearing it made new, made now.

On the one had it's beautiful and incredibly easy to enjoy, but on the other you can't help but feel there's a lack of imagination here, or more accurately, a lack of innovation. The duo's vocals are undeniably wonderful, but they're not being put to work in any unique way. Broadway is a pretty album, but if you want to reminisce about the golden age of soul music, there was plenty made during that time that you can turn to. When it comes to modern soul music, you want something a little more forward thinking.