Label: One Flash Release date: 05/10/10 Link: Website Buy: Amazon Nadine Khouri has always had that smooth feel to her and her voice, and the ability to make quietness and subtlety sound huge and mean more than it possibly could. This doesn’t change in her latest single ‘Rogue (True Love Is Gonna Spill)’, but only get’s more pronounced. One of the main selling points on the title track is the offbeat singing style, adopted from Jazz. It’s the same style and technique that Fujiya and Miyagi use so well – that sort of swinging style that makes you click your fingers along. And it continues in that cool jazzy style, making a breathless song that exudes effortless jazzy perfection; this is a song that would soundtrack a smokey bar at half past 3 in the morning. The B side, ‘Route 19’, is still good, but compared to the former, it’s not as refined. There is still that easy feel to it, still the husky smoothness, but where it builds up complexity and starts filling the spaces that were so conspicuously left behind in ‘Rouge...’, it loses something, it loses it’s cool. It’s still a good song, but it’s not a great song any more. However, the overwhelming breathless cool of Nadine’s voice is something that you cannot go without hearing. Photobucket