Somewhere near Seattle in the pacific northwest of that great big ol' superpower, a bunch of guys have been getting in touch with their… ehm, feelings. In fact they've been doing that together for about 10 years, capturing those thoughts on CDR, handing stuff out to their mates and generally not giving a fuck, especially with playing the music industry game. They call themselves a Punk band (that's pretty clear, especially as they have the balls to use that word is in their name) but although their music is noisy and distorted, it isn't just the expected three chords and shout along chorus affair; however their ethics are Punk, so that's good enough for me.

The Feeling is an album that was originally released earlier this year in a more DIY fashion through a small label on limited edition vinyl. This time it's getting a push into a wider market through a CD, digital and vinyl release care of hip Brooklyn label - Captured Tracks, also home to the likes of Wild Nothing. There are nine tracks here that have been entombed in a thick distorted and reverb-tastic layer. The band has admitted that this isn't what they generally sound like, they are louder and faster live but this album is a representation of those songs that they're content with.

That concept of recording an album and sounding different live is sometimes not too well understood but I have to say it's definitely a viable option, and to me makes total sense. Do we not all use more senses to experience a live show? So a recording needs to be subtly or in this case quite different, playing with our hearing and our minds like jesters juggling sounds.

As Naomi Punk are from Seattle they'll have to live with the constant mentions of grunge and the all too easy referencing of numerous bands, who I won't mention, but whom I'm sure they did listen too growing up. To put these guys in that category seems like an injustice to both what they are doing and to Seattle's forefathers. Perhaps a good place to start listening here would be with two standout tracks from the album: 'Voodoo Trust' and 'Burned Body'. I haven't got a clue what the vocals are saying in the choruses, but both have catchy melodies, and are immediately hummable.

If you're a fan of no-wave and punk, these guys could certainly be for you. I wouldn't say that this is an album that'll warrant repeated listens, but I do think it's a valiant debut and a worthy purchase. I'll be keen to hear how the band wrap up the sounds on their follow up record, hopefully with a bit more clarity on the vocals as I get the feeling that they're talking about something I'd like to hear; that record would definitely be stuck on repeat.