Artist: Nephu Huzzband Single: Should Have Used An Abacus Release Date: 03/10/08 Label: Deep Recording Co Link: Nottingham's Nephu Huzzband are back with their slightly longer than the last single-single 'Should Have Used An Abacus'. Readers familiar with our review of their last single 'Nurse! Nurse!' will be aware of what I felt was special about this band. Bold, attacking, schizo-indie was the order of the day with their last offering but this time around it's more of a sharp tap on the shoulder rather than a full blown punch to the stomach. That's not to say it's bad, it just doesn't seem to have the same impact. The thing that also struck me about this song is just how similar they sound to Foals. Not at all musically mind, Nephu Huzzband don't really delve into Math-Rock or faux Math-Rock as i would call it, but vocally the singers share tonal similarities.  Anyway, it's worth checking out. Rating: 3/5