Label: Unlabel Link: Myspace With a voice the male counterpart to Yorkshire singer/songwriter Blue Roses (aka Laura Groves), Neverest Songs, the one-man project of Luke Twyman, combines intricate piano scores and troubadour vocals to tell the stories of lost times and lost souls. A haunting record whose minimal distortion and violin brings to mind early Patrick Wolf with much less cheer. Beginning recording in December 2008 all the efforts on record, bar the lone violin, are Twyman's own. Small Voyages is a portrait of English seaside town Margate, where Neverest Songs began its musical voyage. From here we are taken on a journey aboard a rickety yet determined vessel through the tumultuous sea, where we sink down with the sinister wreckage of thumping piano in the closing sequence of 'Raising the Ogle Castle', and hear 'the cries from the men' in a shipwreck reimagined in 'By the Lighthouse'. These seashantys of drowned sailors and romanticised perspectives on science and emotion he stitches together with an insistent piano juxtaposed with lyrical and vocal restraint; giving a sombre feel to the debut recording. This beautiful sense of dread and loss permeates Small Voyages' passage from shore to shore through subtle atmospheric variation over its hour long course. From lonely folk songs coupled with sorrowful string accompaniments to minimalist experimentation with synthetic sounds Twyman proves that keeping it simply is the key. At times sounding like a post shoegaze flashback, at others Final Fantasy joined by Michael Nyman muffled in a sinking ship; Neverest Songs is a simplistic yet thought-provoking debut definitely worth a listen for all those looking for new talent to wash up on their shores. Photobucket