New Navy hail from all the way around the other side of the world, coming from Sydney, Australia. Signed to Future Classic, the band deliver a blend of indie dance and dream pop, that's twisted enough to give it a fresh sound. 'Uluwatu' is the bands debut EP, coming on the back of a promising three track demo in 2010.

'Zimbabwe' starts things off in an immediately positive and upbeat manner. Frontman Ben McInerny delivers a really nice, warm vocal while the guitar sounds rich and makes the track sparkle. Underneath is a really nice beat and a great bass guitar keeping the tempo high. A touch of effects gives the song another dimension and overall it's a really good opening track. The blend of dream pop and dance has never sounded finer. 'Tapioca' sounds a little grittier on the drums, before the grime slides off leaving a good guitar line. The rhythm section is again very strong, driving the beat and the song forward with a really good tempo. Again the vocal is pretty likeable and there's even handclaps. It's a scientific fact that a song is better with handclaps and it certainly holds true here.

Our friends in the rhythm section are in top form again on 'What Was Golden'. The vocal is a little smoother and lighter in tone this time. There's some synths present and when the song hits it's chorus it's enlivened. There's a really good blend of indie dance and indie guitar pop here that the band seem to deliver effortlessly. The song ends with the sound of waves lapping gently ashore while a bass drum pounds away like a heartbeat. The lapping waves continue right into final track 'Oceans'. The intro is much gentler on the closing track, but the tempo picks up with the rhythm sections arrival. The song gets a bit funkier on the chorus but settles back into the more subdued sound again, before repeating the process, then finally fading away to the sound of the waves.

Overall, it's a refreshing take on indie dance and indie pop. Vocally, Ben McInerny sounds great, his voice sounding really strong here. Musically the band seem to have blended familiar sounds into something uniquely theirs. It's a debut with tons of promise from the antipodean four piece and sets up the next release very nicely. Whether this is another EP or a full album, we'll just have to wait.