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When attempting to tackle a 22-track pop album from an EDM-dabbling hip-hop artist, it's best to start by working out what the hell you're listening to. In this highly scientific review, I categorise and dissect Nicki Minaj's The Pinkprint to work out if she is 'any good'.


This album will be the beginning of Nicki Minaj's renaissance as she reclaims her place on the throne as hip-hop's leading lady.

Prior Factors to Consider:

  • 1. Nicki Minaj said in an MTV interview, "the tracks on PinkPrint are back to my hip-hop roots," and when asked if any tracks would resemble 'Starships' she said, "hell no".
  • 2. The album's singles have veered from pop ('Pills and Potions') to hip-hop ('Only').

Production Team:

Pop: Dr Luke, will.i.am, Ester Dean, Cirkut and Katy Perry.
Hip Hop: Boi-1da, Mike Will Made It, Metro Boomin, Hit Boy and Zaytoven.

The Pinkprint in Graph Form:

So looking at the highly accurate and not at all subjective venn diagram we can see that Nicki Minaj is statistically a liar. Although 7 tracks are straight hip-hop compared to 4 straight pop tracks, over half the album has pop leaning elements.

Track number 13 (see asterisk) is the most important song on The Pinkprint as it is offensively bad. 'The Night is Still Young' actually references 'Starships' as well as Nicki Minaj's commercial endorsement of a booze brand. It also features The Worst Lyrics of the Year™ with "the night is still young and so are we."


Jessie Ware: Massive curveball. This song has guitar in it.
Beyonce: Surprisingly pretty much hip-hop. Unsurprisingly good.
Ariana Grande: It's not alright having someone who looks like a child on a song called 'Get On Your Knees'. Also Katy Perry has a writing credit.
Jeremih:Overshadowed by the fact that 'Want Some More' appears to sample Nelly and Kelly's 'Dilemma'.
Lil Wayne and Drake and Chris Brown: Exactly what you'd expect. Well, apart from Drake professing his love for BBW women.
Skylar Grey: I don't know who this is but 'Bed of Lies' is a waste of time pop song.
Meek Mill: On two tracks. Probably one of the few semi-big name rappers who Nicki could safely rely on not having the talent to show her up.

Initial Conclusion:

  • 1. The album is far too long.
  • 2. The album features far too many flabby hip-hop/pop and pop songs.
  • 3. Nicki Minaj isn't trying as hard as she was when she recorded her verse on 'Monster' - she probably won't ever match this again.
  • 4. The iTunes exclusive bonus track 'Truffle Butter' is incredible. Somehow one of Drake's in-house producers has made a brilliant beat which samples Maya Jane Coles' 'What They Say'. The track is Drake-heavy and features a much better turn from Wayne and Nicki than on their previous menage a trois, 'Only'. This song isn't even on the physical album.

Actual Conclusion:

Nicki Minaj just isn't that good anymore, sadly.

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