Record Label: 3 Syllables Release date: 09/08/10 Link: Official Site Buy: Amazon My decision to take the new Norfolk and Western album Dinero Severo was taken on one fleeting assumption. The assumption was that they were making light of the little county in which I reside, much like most prominent- and not so prominent comedians do. It turns out they aren't. They're from Oregon, and they are probably referring to a now defunct American railway. So there that goes. Luckily Dinero Severo is impressive enough, plus N&W's Adam Selzer owns the studio in which M.Ward and The Decemberists have recorded. So they're interesting enough without me needing to defend anything and we can get down to why you're here. Dinero Severo was recorded with less over-dubbing and more live takes, and it makes its way through different takes on southern soft-folky rock with varying results. Some, like 'Future Mother' are difficult to finish. Because of the live element, Dinero Severo can feel like a jam, after 'The Long Goodbye' opens like the slower Neil Young moments, the lazy drum beat sends into an improvised guitar solo to end taking you back to your memories of festival sunsets with The Long Goodbye being the perfect soundtrack. 'Whippoorwill Song' gets a bit Conor Oberst, fuzzy guitars fall into acoustics under a spoken vocal that makes way for the female chorus and right back round again. It works surprisingly well with an urgency and rushing feel about it. The vocals are nowhere near nailed, and the album drifts slowly to an end leaving you wanting more of the better bits. Instead, it leaves you unsure of whether you liked Dinero Severo or not, more nonplussed. You won't hate it, but you also may not feel the urge to stick it on too many times again. Photobucket