With spring around the corner sometimes it's nice to be able to listen to something a little ahead of the weather. The sun may not quite be here just yet, but the uplifting sound of Norman Palm helps bring a touch of buoyancy to our ears.

Norman grew up in Germany and became a multi-instrumentalist at a young age. Once he finished high school he went off to art school, a relaxed atmosphere which may describe the calming nature of his productions. As a result of Normanâ's artistic background his live shows often incorporate audio visual backings.

Tropical indie is the best way to describe Shore To Shore - a record with tender lyrics and joyful instrumentals. For a record so soft vocally, it doesn't shy away from the bass. At times Norman's production drifts away from gentle indie rock and crosses over to the electronic side of the music spectrum. For an indie band or artist to converge with electronic elements isn't as innovative as it was five years ago, but Shore To Shore combines the two without feeling artificial; the addition of atypical and vintage xylophones adding to the scenic atmosphere intended. The opening track 'Start/Stop' opens the real mood of the record. The guest female vocals act as a demonstration of the dynamics and intricacy that are prevalent throughout. Although much of the record seems instrumentally straightforward, unusual yet effective elements help to build up a jubilant yet contradictorily soothing aura.

One of the stand-out tracks on Shore To Shore record is 'Images'. The opening to the track uses pulsating drums and soothing chords; a combination of instrumentals that wouldn't sound out of place on Foals latest record Total Life Forever. The lyrics in Palm's tracks often focus on isolation and new life, presenting a realistic and optimistic outlook on life: "I need another beginning; I need a very good start".

While Norman's lyrics are interesting, it's the instrumentals that make Shore To Shore a very listenable record. The euphoric drums and synths throughout 'Easy' act as a simple but highly rhythmic backing to the vocals. The chords in the run up to the chorus lift the mood of the record to an epic, tranquil high.

Shore To Shore is a clever and entrancing record; powerful instrumentally and lyrically serene. For those in need of a little optimism in their lives, the tropical sound of Normal Palm could be the fitting soundtrack to the run-up to this year's summer festivals.