Label: Pogo Records Release date: Out now! Website: Not Squares Myspace Not Squares first single Asylum (our review here) was a brilliant, quirky and energetic slice of mad-cap dance-hall that ushered the Belfast trio onto the scene with aplomb. Their latest effort is instantly marked out by it's seven minute track length and minimalist intro of rapid, staccato blips and slightly ethereal background wails as more a slow burner; or should that be long burner? Either way, the tune knows when to reveal itself as similarly fun and irreverent as their first single at the 1:30 mark when the just dropped big beat cedes to a kind of echoing man/bird call that recalls the kind of tribal yelping that Fuck Buttons were so fond of on Street Horrrsing. The comparisons to Bristolian knob-twiddlers ends there; 'Release The Bees' is a pulsing, electro, banger more in the vein of Logo or another artist from the heavier end of the Kitsune stable. B side 'Bi Ka Na (Me Me Wee Wee Wee Mix)' is, initially, a slightly more sedate affair that uses some ice-cave synth arpeggio and heavily processed vocals to great effect. The dirty bass drop into the glitchy d'n'b core of the song is superb, and the more heavily layered and groove-based mid section is entrancing. It doesn't pack quite the same punch as the A side, nor does it manage to sound quite as inimitable, but it'd still hold its own on the forthcoming as-of-yet untitled album. This is a great single from a band in their element who have taken minimalist arrangement yet still infused it with hyper-kinetic grooves. If the album covers as much ground as 'Asylum' and 'Release The Bees' suggests they might, it will be a massive winner in a genre that is notoriously difficult to carve a legitimate identity in. Release The Bees is, for now, sweet nectar enough to be getting on with. Photobucket