Label: buy.want.need.more Link: What in the hell do they put in the water in Bristol? It must be damn good because over the years that fine city has spawned many great experimental electronic bands and these guys are no exception. In fact they probably should be wearing the crown after this stunning EP. Straight from the get go they show just how great they are with the glitch-fest that is 'But For A Time It Was Good'. As far as openers go I'm not sure i've heard one as strong as this for a long time and I'm pretty sure those Boards of Canada brothers would be proud. Another one of my highlight from the EP was 'Generation XY' and the use of guitars (which is also used on a few tracks). This element sets them apart and makes them less of a bog-standard glitchy-electronic band, which is all too important for a band trying to cement themselves in this industry these days. Great EP guys! Rating: 4/5