Photo by Juliet Theubet-Taylor

Clubnights come and go, tonight being the coming of Triial - a free "genre-less dance party" hosted at the ever popular Green Door Store in Brighton.

Despite starting slowly due to the fact there were still people on the beach when it started at 11pm it soon packed out in time for Female Band. The duo improvised mostly on stage, with one on pedals and one on guitar. It worked in places and fell short in others - it's hard to judge on just one performance how they're going to sound the next time they play. When they got into their groove at the end of their set it really paid off - some hypnotic work on looping pedals with some strange, atmospheric noise sounded like a haunted soundtrack.

After a brief interlude of some disco and electronica Magic Eye took to the stage. The four piece brought their own visuals as well and plaid a set of tunes something akin to chillwave. It was catchy and worked well, though it lacked something of a bite to really carry it into something special.

A quick few tracks from Regal Safari man Etienne then Novella took to the stage. Despite being constantly billed as a "girl band" they showed that their gender didn't matter and they roared through a fine set of raw, punchy riffs and broken down, bass and drum ridden jams. Their set was perhaps one of the best I've seen this year - they're awesome on record, but they're so much more live too. Calling them a "girl band" pushes them in with Best Coast and the likes and they're way more than weed smoking, Wavves dating cat lovers.

I left soon after (the perils of exam season) to a soundtrack of left of centre disco that begged to be danced to. Through the night people were dancing to everything from Psychic TV to Solar Bears, not to mention the bands too. A pretty successful baptism.