Artist: Nurses Release: Apple's Acre Out: 3rd August Buy: Amazon Nurses... Over worked and underpaid... Generally hidden from the limelight by their better-renowned and higher paid colleagues... Well, all that might be about to change (not in the medical world - obviously) as one of Portland's best new bands release their debut album 'Apple's Acre' on August 3rd. The psychedelic pop on show on 'Apple's Acre' is crammed full of melodies that will suck you in and have you humming along before you know where you're at. At the core of this album are a series of fairly straightforward pop songs with a variety of effects, beats, vocal harmonies and loops layered over the top. I realise that this description makes the record sound awful, but it's really not, quite the opposite in fact. For those not keen on following the tracklisting 'Manatarms' is a good place to start . With a chorus that sounds a little like the Beach Boys getting some digital treatment from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! and Animal Collective you get a good taster of what to expect on 'Apple's Acre'. Other highlights on the album include title track 'Apple's Acre' (complete with Dusty Springfield 'I Only Wanna Be With You-esque' chorus) and 'Caterpillar Playground' which uses just the right number of random plinky-plonky noises without becoming incessantly irritating. So, are these Nurses a Florence Nightingale or an Annie Wilkes to the airwaves? Well, you can judge for yourselves by listening to a sample track 'Lita'... Personally, I see them as another product of the Portland school of indie rock excellence who are definitely worth a look. With 'Apple's Acre', Nurses prescribe an effective antidote to some of the diseased dirge currently polluting the airwaves at the moment. They also provide an effective cure for a Michael Jackson overdose! Rumours that they can also cure swine 'flu are still to be confirmed. 8/10 Track to Download: 'Manatarms' Track To Skip: 'Bright Ideas' Twitter Review: With their debut record 'Apple's Acre', Portland's Nurses administer the perfect antidote to cure the airwaves of their recent OD on MJ.