Ever heard of a band called Animal Collective? I thought so. I’m guessing that Nurses most definitely have too. In fact I’m finding it hard to imagine that they haven’t been feeding on AC’s blood to fuel them for this record. All the elements are there; reverb laden vocals, alternative rhythms and pop laden hooks. It’s proven as a good combination but serves to raise one question; do we really need another Animal Collective?

I suppose that question is very subjective, and as we’re all human beings with opinions, we’ll each make up our minds for ourselves. As long as you can get past influences being worn proudly on sleeves then you’d probably agree that in it’s own right Dracula is a pretty decent album. Unlike its predecessor, the 2009 homemade album Apple’s Acre, this is a studio album, it’s polished, friendly and awash with studio tweaking.

Opening track 'Fever Dreams' has the potential to be stuck in your mind as you go throughout daily business. Opening with a repetitive drum rhythm and off key synth section as Aaron Chapman the groups vocalist sings, “Ease your head." The rest of the tracks are catchy pop pieces.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all seeing these guys performing at an ATP festival at some point, and to be honest, I’m sure I’d enjoy it. Lets hope the audience are forgiving about their blatant reference points. If that happens then these guys have a bright future.