Venue: Wembley Stadium Support Bands: Oasis, Kasabian Date: 11/07/09 To say I'm a huge Oasis fan would be a lie, Infact after last night (11th July 2009) to say I'm an Oasis fan at all would be a lie. At 50 Great British Pounds a ticket, I expected far more than a self-indulgent set, consisting of atleast 10 songs I did not recognise at all (in part down to the awful sound, turning everything up to maximum is definitely not the way to go about filling the UK's biggest stadium.) Another irritating thing was the Gallagher's reliance on using the "F-word" every other word, If I wanted to hear a potty mouth I could easily have gone to my local park and initiated conversation with some White Lightning drinking youths, which coincidentally was about the level of conversation received around the bars from drunkards who had "Caught a plane to London at 5AM to see this." When "Roll With It" And "The Importance of Being Idle" were begrudgingly churned out the beer was flowing, literally. Being covered in beer, blasted with treble and called a "Southern Pansy" by the lead singer of a band I coughed up money to see, you may understand why I left before the encore. "Wonderwall" sounds better recorded, "Live Forever" was a shambles. Oasis have turned from an iconic band into a joke, I would liken them to Spinal Tap, boasting about how they are now onto their "Fifth drummer!" and "Turning everything up to 11" no doubt. Save yourself the money, Oasis have left me looking back in anger. Rating: 1/10