Canadian's Odonis Odonis are named after a friend of bandleader Dean Tzenos, whose parents saddled him with the bully inducing name Adonis Adonis. Unlike their almost namesake greek god, the Toronto based trio are highly unlikely to be favourites of Aphrodite unless she is a closet Jesus & Mary Chain fan with a surf board. Their debut album Hollandaze unites guitars so sharp they can draw blood with hazy, fragile, and occasionally muddy vocals in a holy union of surf pop, shoegaze and old school punk that sounds like My Bloody Valentine riding a wave.

Odonis Odonis are clearly not believers in easing their way into an album. Right from the kick off they hit you smack in the face with title track, 'Hollandaze' a tinnitus inducing wall of noise where waves of distorted guitars are sent crashing into coruscating cymbals and indecipherable vocals. Next up is the equally deafening 'Busted Lip', a dark, lustful, dangerous, powerful blast of punk rock without the anger. It sounds like it's been fermenting in the mind of a psychopath for months just waiting for the right time to pounce. This album could spontaneously combust any time and take your ipod with it. There's no let up in the ear pounding with 'White Flag Riot', a track so loud it should come with ear drops and a government warning. It's an assault on the senses so brutal it'll leave you dazed, breathless and in desperate need of medical attention.

If you haven't gone completely deaf or checked into the local clinic by the time you reach 'Seedgazer', a quieter, six minute long reverb heavy track that, in the context of this album, qualifies as dreamy, your ears will be glad of the respite. Although normal noisy service is resumed with 'Handle Bars' the second half of the album is much easier on the ears. The fuzzed up, Doorsian 'Basic Training', the Dick Dale meets the Horrors of 'Ledged Out' and the celestial backing vocals of 'We Are The Leftovers' are all honey for the ears compared to the barbed wire blasts of the earlier part of the album

If you're a fan of the darker, feedback drenched side of the Jesus & Mary chain or their more melodic, shoegazy side then check out Hollandaze it's sauce for the goose and sauce for the gander (sorry I just couldn't resist).