Playing in their hometown of Norwich, Olympians are on a mission to prove there is more to the city than Delia Smith and Alan Partridge quotes. Having reworked and expanded their sound, and line-up, since changing name from the amusing Hair Traffic Control, the four-piece now provide an accessible slice of post-rock-pop with all sorts of obscure math-rock influences drifting through. There are harmonies, singalongs and just the right amount of progginess without ever sounding pretentious. The band are entertaining live performers - with relentlessly happy frontman Dan Harvey in fine form throughout, keeping the crowd entertained with some very down-to-earth wit and at the end of one song even doing a Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush style headshake. He’s also wearing a Tall Ships T-shirt, showing the band have taste too. Bassist Chris Neil, who drew the short straw and spent the set wearing a child’s yellow two-in-one hat that hurt his head but complemented his t-shirt of the same colour all too well, raised the biggest laugh of the night when trying to play ‘Rock & Roll’. With their songs cramming as many ideas as possible into 4 minutes, a comparison would have to be Youthmovies, but there is also an element of Modest Mouse and even a hint of Fanfarlo when the brass comes in on the likes of ‘Lager Tops Please, I’m Driving’. The aforementioned brass is only ever used sparingly, but always to maximum effect – it gives the songs the little push they need to truly make your spine tingle. Breakdowns in songs are sometimes unexpected, but always a pleasure and the mixture of big pop choruses that morph into intense, crashing and twiddly crescendo finales is compelling. The set seemed over all too quickly, with a passage from a novel about (real) Olympians being read out to the audience before the final song to show just what their mission statement is. It’s fair to say the audience didn’t need to be told. Everyone in the room was already betting on them to gain pole position. What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!