'The Great Gatsby' is the first release in Olympians "Book Club" series, which see's them release four singles over the course of 2012, all related in one way or another to literature and here's the fun bit... Sent to you inside a book!

The song starts in much the same way as earlier single 'Foreign Language', a glitchy keyboard drone begins aching through your speakers, but a lot has changed for Olympians since that release last year. From playing a show with an orchestra, to stripping down for acoustic shows and performing good and loud all over the country with Tubelord.

The hard work appears to be paying off, because when you sit and listen to 'The Great Gatsby', you hear a much more refined and confident band than the band that released To Our Wives and Sweethearts last year. You can still hear the undoubted technical ability and the rapid sporadic beats that underpin their songs, but it has ceased to feel so urgent. Multi-part vocal harmonies have taken to the fore and it feels obvious that they are now playing to their strengths. Lines like "Talking about their lives like its a novel that they passionately wrote" creep into your consciousness and do not relinquish.

Most impressive however, is the tempered release of energy as the song develops, which really showcases their growing skill as songwriters. It shows their awareness of space, allowing the song to breath and grow naturally, making it hard not to get caught up as the organised chaos ensues. Its here that the vocal harmonies shine, holding the ship steady, while the music underneath them carries you away.

B-Side Tidy House Tidy Mind develops this even further, an acoustic led song in the vein of 'Keep Quiet' by Mimas, it burns so slowly that you are lulled by its beauty. It shows a side of Olympians that we haven't seen in their recorded output thus far. The main vocal line of "The engine never stops, it never breaks down, hope the same applies to me" is just so life affirming, combined with the restrained release of the music that you wish it didn't end as suddenly as it does. But the fact that it does, again shows the talent of Olympians, to lull you into trains of thought and then snap you out of it puts more emphasis on where your brain has been. Its a neat trick, and its a great trip.

Olympians are a band that are thriving in the Uk underground at the moment, each release seems to add another string to their bow, its going to be really exciting listening to this band develop even further in the future. If you get the chance to see them play live, you really should take it, consider this a ringing endorsement.