Release Date: 07/09/09 Whether you see it as the source of our species' genius or a humbling manifestation of the beast within; it cannot be denied that emotion directs us humans like some deranged conductor. Cram us into rows of dull cubicles, chain us to flickering monitors, numb our brains with hours of televised drivel when we get home and yet we'll still jump at the chance to rattle our cages. Here on this record, On Histories of Rosenberg have made a valiant, if not altogether successful, attempt at providing such a chance. Though of average length, the first two songs on the EP, 'Am I Awake?' and 'Danger Danger', manage to gain a truly epic feel. Gentle builds, sudden drops, ferocious bursts of energy, moments of sweet calm; the band have produced two fantastic tracks of condensed post rock set to tender vocals. By the third track, however, things take a turn for the worse. Next to the first two songs 'A Calendar Year' and 'Leave Us Here' both seem tired, as if they are the final pallid dregs of a catharsis achieved moments ago. Perhaps it is simply that the first half of the EP was so good or maybe it's that it provided the blueprint for the following half, I'm not entirely sure, but these last tracks are certainly far less surprising and inspired. This is a record with some real heart and force to it, its just a shame that it doesn't manage to maintain these strengths throughout. That said, this is the band's first offering and so, as practice makes perfect, I expect On Histories of Rosenberg may deliver something truly emotion-drainingly incredible in the future. Rating: 7.5/10