Nial Gavin is the songsmith behind Only Real, with Days In The City being his debut EP. This is a record which is smart, full of bravado, but never arrogant about it. It relaxes within its boundaries to good effect, and in a short space of time garners genuine affection. Surprising and endearing, this is more than just another guy looking to match Jamie T's urban playfulness.

Days In The City works as a performance piece in many ways, showcasing Only Real's versatility and showmanship to largely positive effect. It comes across as a little bit tentative later in the EP, but there are moments littered throughout where you feel Nial Gavin is completely at ease and performing comfortably whilst maintaining a solid output.

Opening up with 'Punks & Potions', noodling guitars croon over a solid rock drum beat, as Gavin reels off his highly likeable take on urban rap. It's a formula which is carried over into 'Get It On', which rises over its predecessor with smarter instrumentation, and diverse use of vocals throughout. Third track, 'Lemonade', is a lot darker, but keeps with the musical theme, and certainly shows that Only Real isn't all sunshine-pop based rap. In fact, towards the end of the song Nial Gavin takes on a rather volatile vocal, which works really well, offering up a nice contrast to the previous two tracks. It shows that he isn't just able to try his hand to different moods with wavering uncertainty, because he really nails it on this track. 'Graduation' rounds off the EP, a mix of the first two tracks through a psychedelic haze, dreamy and reverb-filled. It's a real shock to see something so inventive come right after the clean-cut 'Lemonade'.

Days In The City really is an EP which is only going to build hype for Only Real, and it's deservedly due. Whilst the EP itself will no doubt feel like a release simply set to detail Nial Gavin's strengths, it's one which works exceedingly well. Definitely worth a listen, and I'm sure you'll enjoy what's going on here.