It's always interesting when an artist that is known largely for their live performances finally commits their work to record. This is the case with south London producer Orphan who up until now has only released one recorded track into the wider world. Her first official output comes courtesy of innovative producer patten's imprint Kaleidoscope, and sits in the limited dubs series the label have been exclusively releasing this year.

The tracks themselves take elements from Orphan's live performances, albeit a show from way back in 2009, which saw her take a slower direction. The set has been dug up and reworked into a cohesive EP that sets Orphan out as an interesting and complicated figure in electronic music.

All the songs on Retakes will make you yearn to see them live, but have enough intricacies and contemplative points to justify the physical release. Opener '169' embraces the minimal, before evolving in something much more danceable with an underpinning groove that pleads to be played from a decent speaker system. 'Understanding' meanwhile plays with Boards Of Canada type dystopian style and largely unintelligible samples in a beguiling minimal techno way that ensures it doesn't fade into the background with some interesting sonic movements.

Orphan herself cites Prince as an influence, which becomes more subtly apparent on 'Horns For The Spirits', probably the EP's most encapsulating and thrilling track. The spaced out and repetitive groove is straight out of the 'artist formerly known as' catalogue, although not quite as deep or infectious. However, it does provide plenty of time to admire the vast range of styles Orphan incorporates (she also cites My Bloody Valentine, Steve Reich and Popul Vuh as drivers behind her output.)

After digesting Retakes, the lingering thought that the whole EP might sound better live does resonate. But ultimately Orphan's talent for reinterpreting her norm into something with a lot of depth and value is undeniable. For her first official physical release it's certainly promising, but make sure you catch her live, as at this rate it may be quite some time before the next release.