Mid-week gigs in London can be unpredictable. Playing on a school night can make punters hold back, or drive them on, sticking the fabled ‘finger’ to the man. For Bristol band OST this wasn’t their first concern. They were more worried about band safety. “One of us got mugged outside tonight” announced singer James mid-set. “But he’s fine. And it’s not going to stop us!” For a school night, and with thieves lurking outside, the majority of the crowd were not in a conservative mood. Support from After After Hour and Calling Cairo served up a heady mix of synths and beats and OST got heads bobbing and limbs moving. Picking up the dance vibe of Foals and the age-old guitar delay of U2 (when Bono wasn’t busy playing at being a 3rd world super hero) they fizzed and popped their way through a rousing set, 'God’s Electric Superscene' being a highlight. So far, so ‘Total life forever’. But what makes them stand out? OST had a harder edge. “Believe it or not, we started as an instrumental metal band. So, we’re not afraid to rock out.” James let us know post-gig. “But at university, like all sane young people, we found dance music and chemicals. A quick singing lesson later and ‘bam!’ here we are.” With an album on the way (and their own annual Fieldview festival under their belts) OST are up for it and coming to a venue near you. And if you see them mid-week? We’d recommend looking after your wallet… and waving that finger at tomorrow.