Label: Young & Lost Club Release date: 21/01/010 Website: Othello Woolf’s new single ‘Stand’ struts its way onto the ever expanding funky synth pop scene dripping oodles of cool and gaining the Londoner a few established friends in the process. But is this just another case of style over substance? What sets Mr Woolf apart from the plethora of fad heavy London bands out in the scene - if anything at all? ‘Stand’ and its Golden Silvers esque soulful baselines may be a somewhat repetitive affair with only two lines of lyrics used throughout, but that’s by no means to say it’s a bore. The fantastic sudden change bought on through trippy phaser style synth effects towards the end of the track make it seem as though everything has been dragged back through time, almost rewound and reformed into a totally different and refreshing sound. As odd as this may sound, it works and suddenly what could have been a tedious and monotonous track is given a spark of new life. ‘Stand’ is by no means genre defying or the next progression in pop music but credit is due for its originality. There’s a real sense of not giving in to mediocrity whilst avoiding the pitfalls of being labelled odd. This being said, the 80’s game show style ending does somewhat take away the seriousness of the track. From out of nowhere appears this over the top jolly ending that you have to go back and check you didn’t imagine. It doesn’t really affect your overall impression of the song but you can’t help but wonder whose idea it was to put it there. Clearly this is a good start for Othello Woolf as he leaves us interested to see which route he will take next and whether or not his originality will remain intact by the time we reach an album release. Rating: 7/10