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You know, the term Avant-garde pop gets a pretty bad rep. Often, mistakenly, called purposefully abrasive, it's a genre that bears the brunt of a lot of abject criticism because of its 'challenging' aspects. I imagined to go into this debut EP from Our Future, having to bring a lot of work on my end to get some enjoyment out of it. I was wrong; from the first listen, you know you've got something special on your hands.

Deerhoof have long brought an edge of fun to their offerings, and Our Future have this side to them too. A four-piece from New York, there's is a sound that harkens back to '80s post-punk, but never saturates what they do at the expense of making something really unique. This is a short EP - you'll sit through it in just under seven minutes, but it's one of the most interesting EPs I've come across in such a long time. It's extremely hard for a band to identify their sound in such a short space of time, let alone convey it to anyone listening. Not only does Our Future sound like they've nailed down what makes them click, but they've managed to make it enjoyable too.

First track, 'On Surface', feels like it starts mid-flow, and so has the luxury of dropping you right into a groove that has a touch of New York grime about it. It's dirty, and manages to have lo-fi aspects that add to its layered base of noise. It's hypnotic and rhythmic, and, whilst short, benefits from the tight songwriting. Next is '21cm TTH', a one minute experimental track, with vocals primarily delivered by monologue buried underneath space-synth leads. The vocals warp through the track, and an eery bass line underpins everything; it's unsettling and bizarre, but in the best possible way. 'Hiraeth' closes, and it features an alt-rock bass hook you'd see perfectly at home on something like Kid A, and continues on a lot of the same themes that makes 'On Surface' tick, with an almost chip-tune sounding middle-section, that feels right at home.

Out Future has me genuinely excited. In a way that only a few bands can have with a debut EP. The fact the whole record only lasts seven minutes only adds to the feat they've pulled off; you can put this on repeat and enjoy the experience. That's the key word: experience. It's something to play again, and peel the layers back of, finding new parts that want to play and toy with you. I'm not really a fan of hyperbole (in fact, I'd say it's the thing I detest more than anything in the world), but I'd struggle to be more on board with Our Future, and see where they're going to go next.

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