Website: With a hammering glockenspiel joining a jerky drum beat before exploding in to a high pitched onslaught of upbeat folk pop, Our Lost Infantry’s self titled EP bursts out of the gate, drawing you in from the word go. These five kids throw all their weight behind their songs like they’re the only things that matter, and for the next nine and a half minutes, they’re right. This is a band that sounds familiar in both a warm and irritating way. Our Lost Infantry have cherry picked the defining characteristics of so many genres – the high pitched, wailing lead singer and the bouncy synths of indie pop, the simple acoustic guitar and piano parts driving the songs along that you’ll often find being belted out by singer/songwriters, and the frantic violin sound of folk punk bands – and mixed them together in a cohesive package. The only thing lacking is a bass player with a little more presence, which could really help to give the songs a little extra weight, and a label, as they’re tighter, smarter, more fun and sound a hell of a lot more polished than a whole host of bands who have found someone to put out their record. From the singalong chorus of ‘I won’t!/Be coming!/Home!/Tonight!’ and the jittery violin/glockenspiel breakdown on ‘The Weightless’, to the rolling beat and the bit where the music cuts out and the singer REALLY enunciates every word for a few seconds in ‘To Have And To Hold’, to the passionate screams and the acapella rounds outro of ‘The Arsonist’, this EP is full of great moments. You’ll have heard something similar to all of them, no doubt, but probably not all within nine minutes: Our Lost Infantry manage to pack so much in to such a small space, with dense songs that do a whole lot more than your typical folk combo. Although the three tracks put forth for your listening delight have the energy of an infantry charge, this is by no means a band who are lost – they know exactly what they’re doing and they’re doing it perfectly. Rating: 7/10