Release Date: 03/11/08 Label: Motive Sounds Link:

You know those bands that beat thousands of other artists to win a chance to play at Festivals? That’s right, the ones that usually start at midday when you’re hideously hung-over having developed a Yoda-esque voice overnight, gasping for a beer trapped in your sweaty mess of a tent. Well Over The Wall are one of those bands, having won the chance to perform at T in the Park in 2007. Over a year later sees the release of the Scots debut EP. Harmonicas, kazoos, synths, trumpets, xylophones, drum machines and an array of guitars are some of the instruments on offer. For a band that on paper should be a challenge to listen to, Over The Wall are a delight, a real bag full of sunshine.

Opener Thurso, the strongest track, starts off as a gentle folksy and infectious number before building up to a crescendo of euphoric noise and trumpets (Not in Mark Ronson stylee thank God). The treacle-thick Glaswegian accent works a treat during the quieter moments of folk, singing quirky lyrics such as “While I’m young and thin/I’ll keep rushing ‘round in bins/And won’t be slowing down/’Til I reach the ocean.” Gimmie Five is fantastically catchy, the only down point of the EP I would argue is the slightly annoying lyric repetition in Floods. Closing track A Grand Defeat is just simply a joy to listen to and oozes warmth. So next time you’re at a festival, guzzle some industrial strength Alka Seltzer, make the effort to get down on time, and you could be in for a treat if the euphoric pop of Over The Wall is anything to go by.