Label: Domino Release date: 29/03/10 Link: Myspace Poor Final Fantasy has given up the ghost of his stage name (thanks to the video game copywrites or somesuch) and is releasing his first LP Heartland under his own name Owen Pallett. Following on from the hugely successful, amusingly titled He Poos Clouds, Pallett tackles the themes of creation and artist with this concept album, narrated through the pastoral character Lewis. The first single 'Lewis Takes off his Shirt' initially seems a little more electronica than usual: almost Animal Collective-esque in the sounds, beats and "rap-tap-tapping", which makes us inclined and probably pleased to imagine a multitude of remixes being created out of this over the summer. But as soon as the rich yet delicate string arrangements come pouring in we know Pallett hasn't lost his trademark sound by trading in his folktronica vibes for merely the latter of this combo...Patrick Wolf's 'The Magic Position' could be (to some) a prime example. His lyrics seem to have strengthened with this latest effort also as through his album's alter-ego Lewis, he makes references to God or more deftly, his musical creator Pallett, by taking a self-reflective look at the creative process of art. The lyrics definately give the impression that this is so. '"I am overrated," said the sculptor to the sea. "I’ve been praised for all the ways the marble leaves the man And I was wrong to try and free him"' The lush instrumentation blooms before your ears as each petal of notes unfolds as the song progresses; and with the vocals becoming more impassioned as the song reaches its climax, so too do the accompaniments from the Czech Symphonic Orchestra, who with their flutes and trumpets which penetrate through create an overwhelming flood of sound. Gone are the days of loop pedals perhaps? Well if this progression is the way things with Mr Pallett are going in the recording studio that's fine with me. Photobucket