Label: Brainlove Records Release Date: 12/07/10 Website: MySpace Although I find songs with 'epic fail' and 'flesh eating zombies' in their lyrics endearing, I can't say I was instantly attracted to Pagan Wanderer Lu's rather forced new single, 'Banish Negative Thoughts'. The track starts off promisingly, quirky electronic moans and offbeat drums dancing round an appealing melody, but by the time the vocals have joined, of someone with the fused oesophagus’s of Hot Chip's singer and Just Jack, the song is already getting boring. The chorus raises a smile first time round - "How can I banish negative thoughts when everything is so unbearably awful?" It's one of those easy-to-relate-to rhetorical questions we all ask after we've just dropped our keys in mud at the door, a jar of mint sauce fell out of the cupboard when we opened it, or there were chavs on the bus playing drum and bass. Generally though, it feels like Pagan Wanderer Lu, rather than expressing something, is trying to find something to express; he does it without a great deal of talent, in my opinion. Photobucket