Label: Wailing Woo Release date: 28/06/10 Link: Official Site A reverberating electronic beat announces Panic Attract's latest single as a dub tune. Twenty seconds later, however, and the merry strums of a ukele lead you red-faced into a song more reminiscent of something by Animal Collective than anything built around a 'riddim'. If you are already fans of the band, this single is the first opportunity for you to hear how the new line-up (bringing in Noel Anderson on guitar and Matt Garner on drums) works together in the studio. The results of this new collaboration are very promising. The gleeful folk strains of 'The Wrong Place' are given a weirder edge with some distorted vocal effects and a chorus of Quaalude-funk. These little moments of experimentation are likely to put off some casual listeners and draw sighs from certain cynics who will dismiss the track as glorified pop. Still, approach this song with an open and not too serious mind and you are sure to enjoy it. Photobucket