A word of caution. The songs on this split release have an ethereal quality that is so delicately beautiful that when you listen you find yourself in a state of child-like awe at even the simplest things you come into contact with. Both bands made these songs at home and within their subtle intricacies you can sense that making music, for them, is a real labour of love. Parachutes. I guess there won't be an article about Parachutes that doesn't mention Sigur Ros. Its the easiest way to grab your attention, at least until they have made a full length record on their own, and you are just interested in their music. As an introduction they offer the two songs on this split, mixed by none other than Jón Þór Birgisson (of Sigur Ros), and featuring the strings of Amiina. Either song would not sound out of place on a Sigur Ros record except for the fact that Parachutes sing in English. Let us not forget however that sounding like Sigur Ros is no mean feat. I would offer that it is in fact high praise, many bands have have tried and failed to capture the warmth and depth of feeling that they create. On this evidence Parachutes ethereal ambient pop music inspires daydreams and gentle epiphanies wherever you are and whatever the circumstance. Expect big things in the future. 8/10 Band in Box. I'll readily admit that I knew nothing of Band in Box until I flipped over the record, dropped the needle and was overcome with layers of beautiful voices, it was like opening the curtains to a bright summers day. As those opening throes subside they give way to the sound of lovely folktronica filled with intricate little studio tricks and poignant lyrical imagery. All three of the Band in Box songs root themselves somewhere deeper inside than you'd expect. Music of this genre can often feel somewhat throwaway and emotionally detached but here its not the case. "Lost and Foundland" imparticularly hit me hard in the heart. Band in Box evokes the kind of thoughts that resonate inside of me long after the needle has lifted. Band in Box are my favourite type of surprise. 8.5/10