Filled with competition winners, fanclub members and a small handful of lucky ticket buyers, tonight is a very special show for any Paramore fan. Normally playing venues 30 times the size (their last visit to the UK in 2010 saw the band fill the O2 two nights in a row), the 650 capacity Garage in Islington is a rare intimate performance from the band who sadly "don't get to play this country often enough." Many of the fans tonight have been queuing outside for over eight hours, whilst others were lucky enough to attend meet and greets during the day. With an hour and a half wait from doors opening to the band being due on stage, the electricity and hysteria in the atmosphere is gradually building to an unbearable amount.

Though the audience was always bound to be a mixture thanks to the pick of competition winners, it was still a surprise to see the variety of people in the crowd. What does a Paramore fan currently look like? Originally pitted as an emo band when they first bounced onto the scene back in the mid-00s, many original fans like the band themselves have grown up since. Yes, there are still young groups of teens all dark-eyed and hiding under hoodies, but a small number in comparison to the mix of balding guys, floppy-haired hip kids, and those who have obviously run in straight from work. Whilst emo has certainly become more commercial over the years, the appeal of this band has grown past that of the angst teen crowd.

Regardless of dress style and age, as soon as the band hit the stage the screaming and shouting explodes from the lungs of everyone in the room. Opening with 'Now', you'd be forgiven for thinking this is an old fan favourite rather than a recent single, as the entire crowd bounce along and sing at the top of their voices. The three remaining members of Paramore, the 'Fruit Salad' hair-coloured (that's pink and orange) singer Hayley Williams, bassist Jeremy Davis and guitarist Taylor York are grinning from ear to ear at the response. 'That's What You Get', 'Born For This', 'Pessimist' and 'Decode' follow and it's quickly evident that tonight is just going to kept to the fan faves, perhaps an obvious choice considering the circumstances of the gig but with album number four out in just a few days I was expecting to hear at least a few new tracks.

Hayley takes some time out to chat to the crowd, thanking fans for sticking by them for so long, pointing out familiar faces who fed and chatted to the band during their early tours in the UK. But there's some anger behind her thanks and shes got a point to make, bringing our attention to a recent Rolling Stone's review of their latest album. Whilst the new record got a great write-up, she is not happy with a single phrase, something that has haunted her since day one "this would make a great solo record..."

Hayley was signed over 10 years ago to Atlantic Records who wanted to turn her into a solo pop artist. She was against this, wanting to write her own songs, rock songs, with a band behind her, and this was the way it has always been. However the recent departure of long term members Josh and Zac Farro flagged this issue up again, with Josh writing a lengthy rant against the band calling them "manufactured", that Hayley was being manipulated whilst the rest of the band were just riding on her solo dream. Harsh words, but whilst it's evident Hayley could easily have a successful solo career, she is determined that Paramore stays as a band. So she wants to make one thing clear right now to her fans about her going solo; "It is not going to happen."

She's made her point, the fans are happy and she's got something of her chest - now it's time to get back to the songs; releases from Singles Club 'Renegade' and especially 'In the Mourning' provokes a particularly quiet and tender moment in the crowd, well as tender as it's going to be with the whole audience singing the words loudly back at you. Whether new, old, or b-side, these fans know all the words to everything that Paramore have ever released. Even their rather beautiful cover of Alt-J's 'Matilda' that was done for Radio 1's live lounge just a few days previously, the only time I've been able to hear what the actual lyrics are..

The super cute and poppy new single 'Still Into You' that kicks off the encore has drawn all types of reactions due to its departure from Paramore's usual sound, but you wouldn't think that tonight. The audience here absolutely love it, couples are grabbing each other, friends are singing it into each others faces, all are bouncing around. I really don't think that pop experiment has done them any harm.. and obviously, 'Misery Business' must end tonights steller 19-song set-list with mosh-pit galores.

"God knows the world doesn't need another band, but what a waste it would have been" sings Hayley in 'Looking Up', originally written after Paramore's wobble and almost break-up before the third album, but this applies even more so now. Their self-titled fourth album is going to be their best yet, and the band will be propelled into even more success. But there's one thing thing that Hayley stresses that we remember after tonight, it might be said at every single gig and the words start to become just a phrase after a while, but tonight Hayley is shouting this with all heart and belief; "WE ARE PARAMORE!"