There are few things worse in life than finding a really great band and then discovering that they played down the road from you about a week ago. It happens to me all the blinking time and it's so annoying...But not this time! For once the universe was on my side and I got to see Parts & Labor just as I was getting in to their latest album Recievers. They aren’t a new band, but for some reason I hadn’t heard of them until about a month ago. They live in Brooklyn - a.k.a. land of the cool  - and have been touring Europe promoting the album. Last stop Brighton. Local musical collective and label OIB records organised the night and put their own acts on as support. Lonely Ghosts (Hardcore keyboard action mixed with a bit of Pavement and a very neat hairstyle) and SJ Esau (quite possibly the lovechild of Syd Barratt) were there to warm us up. Parts & Labor get to the stage and start off with ‘Satellites’, the opener from their latest album. The intro builds up from a small snippet of electronic space machine noises, then the guitar and vocals kicks in gradually. The song gathers pace and is in full rock out mode when the chorus arrives. Yes, this is going to be a good one, I can feel it. Those were my exact thoughts. Dan Friel and B.J. Warshaw share vocals between them as well as Keyboard\Effects and Bass guitar. Drummer Jo Wong is an absolute man machine, and one of the most entertaining drummers I’ve seen in a while. I spotted him before they went on stage and thought he’d wandered in by mistake on the way to a Chess Championship. Lastly but not leastly, guitarist Sarah Lipstate provides guitar playing and general hot-art-rock-chickness.  She also isn't afraid to scrape objects against her guitar to create wonderful Sonic Youth style noises. Together this band create a live show that delivers waves of feedback, bleepy fuckdupness and occasionally moves into the realms of Springsteeneque sing-along college rock. That sounds wrong but it's so right, and everyone at the Albert agreed as soon as they started playing. The atmosphere was fantastic, this could have had something to do with it being a Friday after work though... The highlight of the night was a few songs in, when they played my personal favourite ’Solemn Show World’ the final and most brilliant song from the latest album. Played live it sounds even better than the recorded version and seems to last for about 12 minutes, which is no bad thing. ‘Nowheres Nigh’ is probably the most mainstream song of the evening and is probably what the Killers would want to sound like if they ever decided to be good. It’s poppy and has a guitar solo and everything. Alas the set was fairly short but they did come back for an encore to play a couple of their older, more angst ridden and punky tracks. Bassist B.J. ended up in the crowd along with said bass for the final song which sent a wave of abandon through the onlookers and that lovely kind of chaos ensued where even the straightest most gentle British people go completely mental and start jumping about like possessed baboons. Quote of the night goes to B.J after getting back up on stage and catching his breath “Sorry I hit you in the head, I hope you’re ok”.  What a gent. A beardy sweaty gent. So, if you didn’t see them this time round well get the album and enjoy it and maybe you can catch them at ATP vs the Fans in May. The one I’m not going to. Gah!