Label: Columbia Release Date: Now Link: Myspace here What’s this they played CMJ? They’re the next…gulp...hype band? AAARRGGHHH Run for the hills, its Tapes N Tapes all over again!! Come back!! Its ok folks Passion Pit maybe the big buzz, but they rule! Let’s see what the 5 track EP has to offer. Track 1 Ive got your number is a plinking, plonking, plunking meander, which floats through the clouds like the Postal Service being remixed by Hot Chip.  Clap Your Hands Say Yeah style vocals soon kick in asking ‘Have you seen me cry, tears like diamonds, down and down they fly, faster and faster…’, its at this exact moment at 2:04 in I’m realising why passion Pit have garnered so much attention.  Quirky experimentalism on its own doesn’t cut it, quirky experimentalism plus killer tunes does. Track 2 Smile upon me is a very Friendly Fires-Esque number that sees synths swoons round your head while a bongo taps away to keep you transfixed in a state of hypno-bliss. Track the third Cuddle Fuddle, sounds exactly like the name suggests it might, back are Michael Angelakos’ odd ball vocals splattering over glittery lo-fi eletronica.  Then at 2:23 we are once again reminded that The Pit do tunes as well as they do MGMT weirdness, ‘Let down your hair, let down your hair, Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair…’ utterly enchanting. Live to tell the tale rolls along in a slightly Department Of Eagles meets Spinto Band meets Grandaddy kind of way.   It’s on the last two tracks though that cements Passion Pit as worthy contenders to the cool throne. Better Things starts with a childs declaration that this is ‘Our best song you have ever heard’ well yes so far on the EP it is.  Tweaks and bleeps hop over the synths like frogs springing over hot tarmac on a summers day.  The tempo is lifted on this track nicely to sounding like a disco groove number that perhaps Men Woman & Children may have put out a few years back.  It’s a wonderful track and replaces ‘Generator’ by The Holloways as the new feel good anthem, see lyrics ‘Better things are coming I swear there’s truth in that’. Better things indeed, as lastly but definitely not leastly the Massachusetts boys pull out an absolute stonker with Sleepy head, one listen to this bad boy and you’ll know exactly why this has been my ringtone for the last 6 months.  More assertive vocals, pounding bass line to challenge ‘Nothing to worry about’ the new Peter Bjorn and John single and a synthed up voice backing track to actually make you ask yourself what was music like before this?! This band justifies any hype bestowed upon them, for they are magnificent in every way.  Hard at work on a full length LP, swallow this as an appetiser, I’m sure the main course will be spectacular. ‘God bless that smile on your face’ whispers Angelakos on Live to tell the tale.  No God bless you Sir, for you have put the biggest of smiles on my face.